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best quality
best quality

We bear 100% responsibility for the quality of vegetables, fruits, spices as well as wood carvings and clothing designs. We manage proper product packaging, all the effects of weather conditions on products and get them to you

Who we are

Our company, which is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia, stands out in the manufacturing, export and service industry with a new face.

Our company is moving forward with a talented team. Our operations cover a number of sectors such as tourism industry, import and export industry as well as construction industry. The staff including our company works very hard to fulfill the customer's dream which is our mission.


Our company, which operates in the competitive market by changing export materials at different times, conducts business in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asian countries


With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, we have contributed to large projects in Sri Lanka together with the industry leaders. Our company, which works with the designers of the new-style building construction industry, has already started work with Malaysia.


Our company, which is entering the industry by making a new change in the tourism industry, is currently doing business in the tourism industry of 4 countries. Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka are those countries. Our company, which has focused more attention on the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, has started the work of creating Malaysian tourism projects in
Sri Lanka.


It is our aim to provide the best quality customer service in every aspect of our company's business. Our aim is to fulfill the customer's dream by providing the best quality service in the tourism industry, export industry and construction industry.

Why Choose us

Because of providing the best staff service, flexible sales service and high quality products and services.


We follow new business methods for the process of moving the product to the consumer, which is the most important part of the production and marketing process. Also, we use the latest technology for quality customer service and through that we expect to increase customer appetite.


With a skilled team, we have brought experts to our team for each of the company's operations. We have a group of skilled officials working with us for different business sectors.


Bringing the export industry between the tourism industry and the foreign labor force which is the source of Sri Lanka's grant income.