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Our Construction Services

The best of technology can be seen in our construction and with 15 years of industry experience, our company is planning to create the best constructions in the world.

Green Construction

All the constructions that we do are related to the environment. Constructions that are only made of concrete are now half obsolete. The world is creating green constructions. Our company also builds in harmony with the environment.

Solar Roof

As a solution to the global energy crisis, thermal power generation is currently being used by various countries in the world for their large constructions. Our company has 8 years of experience in solar panel roofs. We build houses, factories, car parks as well as small solar panels.

Low-Cost Housing

The apartment complex project, which is built on the concept of a house for a very low price, is currently a very popular concept in Locke. The best example of this is in Malaysia, the modern apartment complexes are being created very fast. Our company has finished planning for a 19-storey apartment complex in 2026 and is currently preparing its plans.

Container Construction

We will design the houses, hotels and offices in the latest fashion containers with a perfect finish.

Our Construction Projects

Container Hotel Room

A bedroom created in a 12.03 meter long, 2.35 meter wide and 2.39 meter high container includes a bathroom, a dining table and a balcony outside. At the moment, our company has designed and finished the work in the area of ​​Kalpitiya, Puttalam, Sri Lanka.
It is also possible to create offices and small coffee shops in 20 feet containers.

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Malaysia Appartment Complesx Project

All arrangements are now ready for the construction of the Malaysian apartment complex, which is scheduled to begin in 2026. It is scheduled to be completed in 2032.
Two Malaysian investors have proposed for this and our company is doing all the construction works.

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Building Factories

Our company, which has been involved in the operations of the construction of factories of the most important companies in Sri Lanka, can build factories in any way required by the customer.

  • Ice factory
  • Garment factory
  • Warehouse
  • Vehical Repair center
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House Gate

  • Doble door gate
  • One door gate
  • Electric gate
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